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I’On Life – July 2016 Issue
Interview with Alexandre Fleuren – Article text below


Were you always interested in design?

Yes. As a small child I would ride along in the family car and I can remember mentally “correcting” architecture we passed by! I would mentally rearrange rooms I visited. At home, I was constantly reorganizing the closets and pantries! I would go to the fabric store and study and study! I tried to NOT be a designer, but it didn’t work. This is definitely my talent.


Do you believe there is “chemistry” between a designer and a client? Is it important for creating perfect spaces?

Absolutely!  I have worked with lovely clients, and I come to friendship with so many! A designer, if she is a good one, learns as much as she can about her client: where they set their coffee cup, which side of the bed they sleep on, if they mostly dine in or out, etc. That kind of intimacy allows me to see the home through my clients’ eyes and understand their needs.


Do you have a favorite story about one of your projects?

I had just finished remodeling the family room and home office of a long time client. I had no idea the impact the completed space had on my clients, until their maid spoke to me one day. She said, “I love to work in the home you designed. The people become so happy. You bring peace. No more chaos!” That was the grandest compliment on my work I have ever received, it still amazes me.


Do you have any favorite brands or companies? 

Yes. Bradburn Gallery is lovely to work with and they make the most exquisite lamps. They are out of Georgia, and many of their pieces are made with Italian clay by Georgia craftsman. I like to deal with Global Views, too. Their rep is a dream to work with, and they definitely have the pulse on trends, but do it with a higher level of quality than other trend companies. Locally, I love to deal with Architectural Millwork. Phil is one of the most skilled carpenters I have ever met!


What is the most common decorating mistake made by homeowners?

Not incorporating the architecture into the design plan. I see it a lot, and it is why I love to work on existing homes, even more so than new construction. The architecture and the furnishings must connect to have not only a cohesive look, but a functional space!


What would people be most surprised to know about you?

That I am incredibly average. So many people think this is a luxurious profession, and that my work days (and personal life) are filled with shopping for luxury goods. LOL! The truth is I spend hours pouring over specifications, hours on sites planning with the contractors, hours problem solving with scheduling, procurement, sourcing, receiving, etc. The bulk of the work is simply that – work!


Where can we find you online? 
Website: designafi.com; Social Media: FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn, Twitter,  and Google+


Alexandre Fleuren Interiors


Full Service Design  |  Custom & Quick Ship Upholstery  |  Window Treatments  |  Wallcoverings

 9 am - 5 pm
and by appointment

2447 N Hwy 17, Suite 100
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

Alex Fleuren
Owner/Lead Designer

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