Window Treatments & Window Coverings

Elegant windows by Alexandre Fleuren Interiors (DesignAFI), where luxury meets functionality. Window treatments connect the interiors to the landscape beyond the window. They frame a beautiful view, soften the interior architecture, and of course, provide privacy when needed.

We design and install window coverings and window treatments. Our window coverings include manual or motorized options of sheer shades, vertical sheers, natural woven shades, roller shades, honeycomb shades, and all types of shutter systems. Our custom window treatments are created in our Charleston workroom and include all types of Roman shades, drapery panels, and valances. All custom window treatments are designed specifically for you.

If we are designing the whole room, the window coverings and treatment are part of the whole room concept. If we are tasked with creating window treatments or adding coverings for someone, we make sure the window decor is cohesive with your home and harmonizes with your unique style.

Unrivaled Craftsmanship and Materials

We have a beautiful line of Italian fabrics and window hardware exclusive in Charleston at DesignAFI. These beautiful materials are created by Italian metal artisans and fabric mills, and are the finest in the world. We also carry the entire line of Thibaut and Anna French fabrics and wide-width sheers so that we can tackle large-scale projects. The fabric makes a huge difference in the way drapery hangs, and we only offer the best. We take pride in sourcing only the finest materials and employing masterful craftsmanship techniques to create our window treatments.

Each piece is carefully crafted to exude a sense of luxury and enduring quality. Alex has an eye for detail and selects materials that radiate opulence, including sumptuous fabrics, rich textures, and exquisite hardware. With our window treatments, your space will exude an unmatched sense of refinement and sophistication.

Eco-friendly & Energy Efficient 

Many of our fabrics are fade resistant, made of sustainable materials, and are all-natural. Most of our window coverings provide insulation, which adds to your home’s energy efficiency. With our sustainable and eco-conscious solutions, you can enhance your space while being mindful of the environment.


Exceptional Service and Expert Installation

Our dedication to customer satisfaction extends throughout the entire process. Unlike other designers who outsource window covering orders and installation, at DesignAFI, we handle it all ourselves. Our experienced installer ensures flawless installation, guaranteeing a perfect fit and smooth operation of your window treatments. He also explains the proper use and care of your new coverings, so you can be confident using your window coverings daily. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the design and creation of your window treatments. Most of our window coverings are Made in the USA and offer exceptional industry warranties. We also warranty our work. 

We are unique because we offer designer window coverings and treatments installed by your design team. Most designers outsource window covering orders and/or installation. But we do it all ourselves!  And most window-covering dealers are not designers- we are the best of both worlds! What’s not to love?

Experience Luxury with Our Window Treatments Today

Discover the transformative power of luxury window treatments by DesignAFI. Browse our gallery of stunning designs and be inspired by our previous projects, showcasing the impeccable taste and refined style that define our brand.


Schedule a consultation with Alex today and begin your journey to create an extraordinary living space that reflects your unique vision and exceeds your expectations.


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