Exclusive Brands

Working with our team unlocks a new world of design possibilities for your home. Learn more about these unique partnerships, exclusively offered through Alexandre Fleuren Interiors.

  • Thibaut

    Established in 1886, Thibaut is the nation’s oldest continuously operating wallpaper firm. Over the years their product offerings have broadened to include a variety of wallcoverings, coordinating print fabrics, embroideries and woven upholstery fabrics. Thibaut Fine Furniture is displayed in Charleston, South Carolina, through Alexandre Fleuren Interiors.

  • Lago

    The past of artisan craftsmanship meets modern technology with Lago Mobili. Combining skillful, handmade methods with state-of-the-art precise finishing techniques, Lago Mobili delivers one-of-a-kind creations. This masterful craftsmen work is offered in Charleston exclusively through Alexandre Fleuren Interiors.

  • Vistosi Lighting

    With a rich history dating back centuries, Vistosi is one of the most referenced glass masters in the world. Today, this company is one of the largest owned glass mills in Europe with an in-house research and development department, a workshop, and a network of established and qualified local suppliers. Their work is available in Charleston exclusively through Alexandre Fleuren Interiors.

  • Dea Linens

    At Dea, ‘craftsmanship’ is more than a slogan. It’s the mastery of techniques passed through the generations, ensuring each piece is made to the same exacting standards. From the hand cutting of the cloth to the sewing and embroidering, it may take more time and it may take more effort but it’s this commitment to meticulous detailing that makes these the world’s finest linens for the bed, bath and table. In Charleston, exclusively at Alexandre Fleuren Interiors.

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Alex with Alessandro from Lago discussing custom cabinetry in this I’On home

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