Our Clients Speak Volumes

These reviews from our clients and colleagues
are telling. Hear from others what it is like to
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Homeowner Reviews

  • Alexandre designed our guest house, Mimi’s cottage, on Kiawah Island. Her exceptional skill set and attention to detail are astonishing. Alex incorporated important, beloved pieces from my mother’s life into the cottage in a way that makes them seem all the more relevant to us and to my mother. She takes project management to the next level – coordinating with our builder, contractor, and landscapers.

    Lisa Mascolo
    ‘Preserve at Kiawah’ Homeowner
  • “What made Alex stand out to me is she’s very organized and she’s very confident in her ability to take your vision and make it into reality. I like how she structures her process. And she talked me through that process in that first meeting. And that was really helpful. It wasn’t so ethereal. It was a very regimented, objective process. And I really like that.”

    Jen Pulsifer
    ‘Parkers Landing’ Homeowner
  • Working with Alexandre Fleuren Interiors has been such an amazing experience. Alex has a special way of pulling out of you the environment you truly desire. The spaces she designed for us look amazing and allow us to truly live in our home as a family with two kids. The process was easy and fun. Highly recommend!

    Lee Hayward
    ‘Black River’ Homeowner
  • “Working with Alex is inspiring! She initially did a couple of smaller projects for us. Immediately, we began to appreciate her wonderful design talents. Now, every time we want to do anything, we call her first. Alex has transformed so many areas of our home, inside and outside. We couldn’t be happier with our “new” home!”

    Carol Colshan
    ‘Darrell Creek’ Homeowner
  • “I hired Alex to do a complete overhaul of my home in downtown Charleston. Her work on the cover of a design magazine had caught my eye, and while the style of that home did not relate to the style of mine, I just loved her use of color, shape, and texture. I could not possibly be more thrilled with the finished product, and she even made the process fun and stress free. Alex’s command of color and design, plus her attention to detail and commitment to pleasing her client, cannot be surpassed!”

    Liz Rose
    ‘South of Broad & Carriage House’ Homeowner

Alexandre did our dining room and almost immediately we asked her to do the living room, which
changed how we viewed the house and we saved our pennies and eventually had this room done. We will
probably come back again in the future and ask her to work on other areas of the house. It was really
easy for us to welcome her into our home and let her have free rein with her ideas and do what
she does, which is fantastic design work.
We freely give her recommendation to friends and neighbors
that come in and want to make their space awesome.

Mindy & Chris Logan
Dining, Living Room & Family Room
  • “It is always a treat when Alex comes to look at my paintings! What I love about her visits is that though she is always looking through the eyes of what best fits her client and what colors and sizes would add best to their overall plan, she always goes deeper. She is looking for a painting that enlivens a room, engages the viewer, and enriches their time spent there. The right painting can make all the difference to a room, and she knows it.”

    Sally Hughes Smith
    World Renowned Charleston Artist
  • Alex is one of the most creative people I’ve ever worked with and we are so glad we hired her team for our home renovation. She was able to work around things we wanted to keep, she’s very organized and detail oriented, and she will make sure her clients are 100% happy with the end product. I would highly recommend Alex and her team and hope to work with them again on other areas of our home.

    Sarah Hays
    ‘I’On Remodel’ Homeowner

Alex is an absolute professional and a pleasure to work with. She really gets to know her clients and figure out how they live their lives so the design compliments their lifestyle. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that allow her to plan the design and sidestep problems others might not have the experience to foresee. Since what she does is physical construction and things can go awry, when a problem does arise she solves it. To Alex, nothing is more important than her clients’ complete happiness and satisfaction and she goes above and beyond to see that her clients are completely content.

Jason Rosenblum
‘Cannonborough’ Homeowner

Home Professionals Reviews

At Fine Rugs we have worked with Alex for over ten years. She is as professional and thorough as any interor designer we’ve ever worked with. One thing that stands out to me is how early in the process Alex is able to visualize her designs as a completed project. This a rare talent and I have seen how happy it makes her clients.

Rob Leahy
Fine Rugs of Charleston

I think what distinguishes Alex is that she is a true visionary. About five years ago, she was working on a showhouse that called for a few pillows to transform a space. She was able to create a magical room that juxtaposed eastern and western design cohesively to make a house a home with personality. Through the years, I’ve seen how she intently listens to her clients, and paints a room infused with color, texture, and heritage. The result is a reflection of a space that is truly special. It’s a joy working with Alex, and I’m so eager to see how she and her team transform spaces.

David Lee
Poetic Pillows

Alex understands that the details define the design and is not afraid to be bold and take chances. More than simply pairing pieces and making selections, she has the innate ability to respect, yet enhance the client’s preferences, I am amazed every time!

Alan Beers
Beers Millwork
Owner, President

Alexandre is a very talented designer who is very conscientious creative, and talented. I find her a joy to work with. She’s very trustworthy and has a keen sense of design. A consummate design professional.

Linda Greenburg
Linda Greenberg Landscape & Design
Owner, Horticulturist

Alex has done beautiful work for our homeowners. Her leadership is strong as she manages her projects. We recommend her.

Cathy Buffington
Buffington Homes

Alex is always a pleasure to work with. She understands the construction process and makes sure that we have all of the design information and selections well before we need it so the project can run smoothly. She keeps the information organized in a format that is clear and easy to understand. Her taste is elegant and timeless, and our projects together turned out beautifully, and most importantly, with happy clients.

Trevor Buffington
Buffington Homes

It is always a pleasure to work with Alexandre! Not only is she a rockstar when it comes to design, she is one of the kindest designers I have ever worked with. A double threat! She isn’t afraid of color or textures and executes the client’s vision with ease. She is very responsive and hands on with her projects. No detail goes unfinished. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an extraordinary designer that really cares about her projects and has a vast knowledge of her materials and vendors.

Kate Glanton
Melcer Tile